Margaret Wehr

Vocalist . Songwriter . Violinist .


Margaret Wehr is a multi-instrumentalist, session musician, and songwriter based in Portland, OR. She is perhaps best known for her work supporting a long list of Portland artists, including Y La Bamba, Moorea Masa & the Mood, Haley Johnsen, Olivia Awbrey, and Katelyn Convery. As a solo artist, Wehr’s songwriting holds its own: a powerhouse of intricate melodies and vulnerable lyrical storytelling, where catchy guitar rhythms pair perfectly with ethereal, empowered vocals.

Wehr’s musical vision involves a unique fusion of folk and indie electro pop, which she lovingly refers to as “folktronic.” With intricately layered vocals, rhythmic acoustic guitar, and violin played through looper/effects pedals, Margaret creates rippling soundscapes that accentuate her lyrical storytelling and memorably ethereal vocals.

Think Sara Bareilles-meets-Emily Wells with a touch of Sylvan Esso.


Known for her effortless vocal blend and impeccable ear for harmonies, examples of Wehr’s session work can be heard on the following albums:

Moorea Masa & the Mood - “Shine A Light” (vocals)

Moorea Masa - “Oh Mother EP” (vocals)

Y La Bamba - “Mujeres” (vocals on track 9 “Mujeres”))

Olivia Awbrey - “Fight or Fight EP” (violin on “Present Tense” & “Fight or Fight”)

EL VY - “Return to the Moon” (vocals)

Anna (Tivel) and the Underbelly - “Brimstone Lullaby” (vocals on “The Vultures of Cherry Hill” & “Reservation Road”)

Karyn Ann - “Be Loud” (vocals on “Be Still”, “After Burns”, “Quiet Love”, “They Only Have the Stars to Blame”, & “Seems Like Forever”)

SHPHRD - “Tame My Heart” (vocals)


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